Krishna Palace Hotel, Hospet
Hospet, the site where the great Vijaya Nagara Kingdom was situated lies about 13 km from Hampi in the state of Karnataka, India. The significance of Hospet lies in its propinquity to the World Heritage Site of Hampi.
As has been called the gateway to Hampi, Hospet stands proud of the Tungabhadra Dam which keeps the river Tungabhadra from being devastating and befitting to the peoples in generating power. There is a garden in the Japanese style at the base of the Dam which is a popular travel attraction of this historical city of Hospet.

Many of the travelers, who come to Hospet, are here to visit the World Heritage Site of Hampi. Hampi is among the most visited site in entire Karnataka. It is the second largest World Heritage Site. Hampi was once the capital of the last great Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagara The main attractions in Hampi are Vithala temple, Hazara Rama Temple, Ugra Narasimha and Stone Chariot. In Vithala Temple there is a hall that has 56 pillars which produce sounds. Just tap them gently and the sound echoes inside the hall. For all enthusiastic travelers, Hampi is a must visit.
What to see
 Virupakshi Temple
 Lotus Mahal
 Vittal Temple
 Sasive Kalu Ganesha
 Stone Chariot
 Ugra Narasimha
 Badavi Linga
Navabrindavan, near Hampi, is of importance to the followers of the saint Sri Raghavendra. The Brindavan (sacred tomb) of the saint is located in a small island formed by Tungabadra , a bit east of the Anegondi village.
The island is also home to the tombs of 8 other saint associated with the sect, hence the name Nava Brindavan (Nava=nine)

Daroji Bear Sacantury
The unique Sloth Bear sanctuary is situated very close to this heritage site. Situated only 15 kilometers from Hampi, Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is the only sanctuary in North Karnataka.
The rock-strewn hillocks that stretch between Daroji of Sandur taluk and Ramasagar of Hospet Taluk in Bellary district have been the abode of Indian Sloth Bears since ages. In October 1994, the Government of Karnataka declared 5,587.30 hectares of Bilikallu reserve forest as Daroji Bear Sanctuary.

Aihole is a temple complex in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. It is a very popular tourist spot in north Karnataka. Aihole is to the east of Pattadakal, along the Malaprabha River, while Badami is to the west of both.


Badami formerly known as Vatapi, is a taluk in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. It was the regal capital of the Badami Chalukyas from 540 to 757 AD. It is famous for rock cut and other structural temples. It is located in a ravine at the foot of a rugged, red sandstone outcrop that surrounds Agastya lake.

Pattadakal is a town in the Indian state of Karnataka The town lies on the banks of the Malaprabha River in Bagalkot district of North Karnataka region. It is 22 km from Badami and about 10 km from Aihole.
Chitradurga is a town lying close to Hospet. The main attraction of Chitradurga is the Chitradurga Fort. The fort was first breached by Hyder Ali in the year 1799. There are around 19 gateways, 28 Postern gates, 35 Secret gates, 4 invisible entrances 50 warehouses along with many other monuments.
Chitradurga Kote is a fort that is one of a kind, as it is built on top of hill with stones. Chitra-durg gets its name because of this fort. "Chitra durga" means "picture perfect".
What to see
 Ashoka Siddapura
 Jogimatti Hill Station
 Molakalmuru fortified town of the Kadambas
 Neerthadi Ranganathaswamy temple
 Vani Vilas Sagar(also known as Mari Kanive)an artificial lake built by the Mysore Maharaja
 Thamatekallu has ancient
 Doddahottrangappa Hill
 Halu Rameshwara

Gol Gumbaz - Bijapur
Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah (1627-57) of the Adil Shahi dynasty of Indian sultans, who ruled the Sultanate of Bijapur from 1490 to 1686.
The tomb, located in the city of Bijapur, or Vijapur in Karnataka, southern India, was built in 1659 by the famous architect, Yaqut of Dabul. The structure consists of a massive square chamber measuring nearly 50 m (160 ft) on each side and covered by a huge dome 37.9 m (124 ft) in diameter making it the second largest pre-modern dome in the entire world after the dome of Hagia Sophia.

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